How to contact Google or any Google Employee?

Do you wish to contact Google directly or you want to talk to some Google Employee?

Do you have some questions for which you would like to hear answers directly from Google or any official Google employees?

I see so many people at different forums who want to directly contact anyone from Google: these people have many questions. Most of these people wish to ask Google questions regarding their own websites.

Unfortunately, Google cannot give answers to queries from individual webmasters. So to make things better for webmasters, Google have created their own forum where a webmaster can post questions or their problems and many experts are there who will be glad to help.

Now here is even more interesting thing about Google Forums. If you are lucky, you can even get an answer directly from a Google Employee : )

Google experts [Employees] like John Mu, read threads in Google forum and they often reply to webmaster queries.

Whether you get a reply from a Google Employee or you get a reply from an expert: most probably, your problem will be solved or you will get the answer to your question.

Google forum is a great place to get help regarding any issues that you may have with your websites.

5 Responsesto “How to contact Google or any Google Employee?”

  1. Micky Mateo says:

    I am trying to contact Jesse Haro. I used to work for him at Quantum and LUXN. I am currently looking for employment in Rocklin, CA and am using him for a reference. Need to know info on how employers can contact him.

    Thank you,

  2. Chris says:

    …. Google support system su*ks!
    I’m having major problems and i need help from a google employee.. NO one answers my forum questions.

  3. Administrator says:

    Make sure that you are posting your question in the correct forum:

    Try this forum:

    google . com/support/forum/p/Places?hl=en

  4. harold vetter says:

    my addresses are wrong please help

  5. kopil bansal says:

    respected sir my listing is not shown when we search for bombay dyeing lucknow but competitors do why?i posted it several times on help forum but no satisfactory answer came plz respond.

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