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Are you looking for a website where you can hire someone online? ….. You looking for online job seekers?

Read this article to find all the information that you need to know how you can successfully outsource your jobs to online employees.

Internet has changed the world in many ways. And one of the latest developments in this regard is the ability to hire employees online. You can outsource your job to one or more people on the internet. Your work will be done by professionals and you will save a lot of money and time.

If you are paying $1000 to some employee in your office for doing a job, then it is very much possible that you can get the same work done for just $200 or may be less, via hiring an employee on the internet.

You may have lot of questions in your mind right? Do not worry and Carry on Reading this Guide:  You will find [almost] all the answers to your questions.

Where do you need to go to hire online workers?

You will need to join one or more Freelancing Sites and then you will need to open a Project or Online Job Listing.

A project is simply a Webpage where you will have a Title for your job and then you will mention all or some of the description/details.

I will explain more later:

I will now show you Links to two Top Quality Freelancing sites where you can hire highly qualified online workers. Please note that you do need to learn few things about freelancing sites: so I suggest you open this link in a New Window and carry on reading this guide: You will learn some valuable things in this article.

Site 1: Elance

Site 2: oDesk

Elance and oDesk are both high quality freelancing sites: especially EL. If you go to the market to buy a Bike, you may find different qualities of bikes right? Different models and different brands. The higher the quality is, the more expensive will be the bike right?

Just like that, there are qualities of freelance sites on the internet: EL has the BEST quality.

So it means that EL is the Most Expensive Site to Use?

No not at all: in fact, EL is one of the cheapest sites to use. You can open projects for FREE. Where at some of other sites, you need to pay some money to open a project.

However, there is one requirement for EL: you may need to concentrate more while starting to work at EL: As EL is a professional site, you may need to spend few more minutes to understand how things work.

Other freelance sites may have a very basic setup and interface compared to EL.

Wait: Who Am I and Why should you trust me? How can I know about how things work at these sites?.

I have been in this business for 6+ years now. I started as an Online Worker. I was able to earn good money online and that is why, I decided to do this work to make a living. After few years, I started to Hire New Comers so that I can outsource jobs to them. There was a time when I was working as an Online Worker and at the same time, I was outsourcing jobs too.

I was able to manage 10+ online workers every day.  That is why I have some good experience in this field. Above, I have shown you two links to the Top freelance sites. Joining these two sites is enough for any Employer to hire as many people as he wants.

And why should you not worry about SCAMs?

The websites which are mentioned in this guide are International websites. These sites do not belong to Individuals. These are huge companies which are operating from USA.

Thousands of users are using these sites to either earn money via working as a worker/contractor: or Employers are using these sites to outsource hundreds of different kinds of jobs to millions of employees.

Ok: how can I start?

You first have to register at one of the freelance sites which I have listed in this guide: EL is listed above and remember that it is the top site in business these days.

Registration process is very simple. After registration do not open a New Project in a hurry. I suggest you first read this guide and try to understand the whole concept. There are Lot of things that New Employer needs to learn. Normally, they learn these things via Experience: but if you read this guide, you will learn lot of those things quickly and without facing any bad consequences.

When you hire a person in an office, you do check the progress and other things right?

You may have to install a Surveillance system to monitor your employees. You may need to monitor their internet activity etc etc

When you hire a person online can you monitor him via above mentioned surveillance system?

Answer: No: Actually You don’t need to : )

Online working system has its own way to make sure that person will do the given job in the given time. Will talk about it in a moment…

I will now start to give you some very important Tips:

Before opening a project, think about a Perfect Title. Your job title should clearly tell users about the nature of work that is required by you.

Don’t just write ANY title. Take your time and think of an attractive heading.

Why should you worry about this?

Assume that you want to hire the best programmer for your company. To do this, you choose to advertise in Newspapers. Now if your advertisement is not attractive then only new comers will apply for your jobs posting. These users may not have any or much experience. If you want to hire professionals, then you have to think about your advertisement in every possible way.

You will have to make sure that your advertisement will bring you the best in business. Just like this, your project at freelancing site needs to attract TOP users. In every project, there is a place to write the Description. This is the most important part.

Your project description has to give all the required details of the work. The description has to be precise and accurate.

Think about the work that you require: write down ALL the main points in your project description. Secondly make sure that you choose the right Budget for your project. I personally have seen New Employers who choose the wrong budget range and hence, they pay much more money to users.

Here is an example:

Normal rate for writing a 500 words article is around $5: Top writers will agree to work for this rate:

Assume that you require 10 articles. You write down the title and description for your project and then you choose the wrong budget range: let’s say: $100-$200.

Now the lowest amount of money for which a user will agree to work is $100: meaning that you will at least pay $10 per article. This is the double amount of money which is normally paid.

How can you know about the average rates of different kinds of jobs?

Before you outsource your job, you should first search the freelance site for Similar projects. See what budget is chosen by other buyers. Try to learn what kind of money is being paid by other employees for similar kind of jobs.

And what kinds of jobs can I outsource?

You can outsource just about any job. You can even hire employees to do Hardware related projects.

Normally, people are interested in outsourcing jobs in the data entry, copywriting and programming fields. These categories host thousands of different kinds of jobs.

  1. You can even hire people for your company’s Online or Phone Support.
  2. You can give Typing work to users who will complete it in hours.
  3. You can ask them to build Professional websites for you.
  4. You can outsource any kind of programming work.

It is actually hard to think about a job that you cannot outsource at these sites : )

Ok, what will I do after opening a project?

Contractors from all over the world will open your project to see the requirements and the ones who will find your work Doable, will place a BID or will submit a PROPOSAL. You will then be able to hire workers from overseas with just one click.


Assume that you are a member of an online shopping site where you choose to sell your car. You give the advertisement in this shopping site: after sometime, people who are interested in buying the car will start to make offers. One person may offer $2000 where another may offer $2500.

You can then choose the best offer or the shopping site software can choose it automatically.

Just like this, you will see lot of offers on your projects at freelance sites. A person may offer to do your work for $50 where another person may offer to do the same work for $45.

These offers are given in the form of Bids or Proposals.

But what benefit do Employers get from this bidding system?

You get LOTs of benefits.

First of all: you will get lots of offers from numerous different users. You can check the offers in many different ways.

  1. You can choose to select the person who is offering the lowest rates.
  2. Or you can choose to select the person who has the most experience.
  3. Or you can choose to select a user who has offered low price and have some good experience too.

Think about this bidding system from contractor’s point of view. They have come to these freelancing sites to earn some money and to do that, they need to get work. But as lot of users apply for the same project, a competition is started among these Service Providers. They all want to get your project so they will offer less and less money to do the work.

This system help employers to get their work done for unbelievably low rates.

How can you know about the Experience of users who apply for your job posting?

These freelancing sites have lots of useful features for you. One of the most useful feature is the Ratings/Feedback system. After completion of all projects, employers rate contractors. This rating is based on the quality of work which is done by contractors.

If a user has hundreds of ratings and his average rating is around 100%, then this will be a professional candidate who you can trust. Another way to see users capabilities is to check their profile. You can see their Qualifications, Level of Education, Experience etc. Here is one very IMPORTANT thing to remember.

Some new Employers make the mistake of choosing a contractor without First communicating with him.

This is Wrong.

After contractors place their bids on your project, you first need to see their ratings/feedbacks and then check their profile. And also check the amount of money that they have placed in their bids.

If you find any interesting bids, you then need to first contact these contractors via freelance site’s internal communicating system.

Send a message to the contractor: this will start the conversation. Try to explain your whole project and all the details. Try to judge people via simply reading their replies.

You will easily find the person who will be best for your job. After you make sure that you have found the right person for your job, you can then select to award your project to this person. Just make sure that you have discussed everything with the contractor.

How and when will you pay money to the contractor?

After you award your project to a person, you will then wait for the pre-decided time period. In your discussion with the contractor, before you awarded the project to him, you will agree on a time period. Now there can be a fixed number of days after which you will get the full/completed work or you can get 25% work first and then 25% after, let’s say, 4 days.

You can select to pay money to contractor whenever he delivers a part of completed work. You can also select to pay only after the completion of work.

  1. How can contractors be sure that you will pay them the money?
  2. What if the contractor do low quality work?
  3. What if he fails to deliver work in the given time period?
  4. What if he violates any of the rules which you had define?

Do not worry: freelance sites have an Arbitration system. If you face any problems you can easily use this arbitration system to inform the freelance site.

But please note that entering a project in arbitration system pretty much means that you DO NOT want the chosen contractor to do any more work and you do not want to pay any money to this person.

So if you face a small problem in the work which is done for you by any contractor: then you can contact the contractor and tell him to correct the issue. Only choose to use the arbitration system when you don’t want to pay the contractor because he did a totally unacceptable job for you.

What happens to a project which enters arbitration?

You and the contractor will first wait: freelance support will soon take a look at your project. They will see all the description which you had given and they will also read all the messages which were exchange between you and the contractor.

They will then see the work which was done for you by the chosen contractor. After examining all the evidence and details, freelance support will decide the outcome of the project.

If you did everything right then you do not need to worry. In most of arbitrations, the results are in favor of Employers. The main reason is that most of these employers choose a New Comer for their project as they offer to do the job for very low rates. Lots of new comers fail to complete the given job correctly.

Do little research before hiring anyone.

Best of luck…

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