KASB direct trading software upgraded to version 2

I just got an email from KASB Direct about the new software version for KASB trading software. The email stated that this week-end is a very good time to upgrade our trading software to the latest version, so that on the first trading day of next week, we face no delays.

The email stated that the upgrade may take 10 or more minutes to complete, however, for me, it took only few seconds and the trading software got updated to version 2.

The email also stated that on Monday, we may experience slow system response during the initial hours of trading.

After the upgrade, did I saw any major changes?

May be there are changes in security and some changes in the features that KASB Direct trading software offer but on the first/quick look at the software, I did not see any major changes.

I quickly checked the options in the menu and they all look the same.

So I think the major change would be in the security of the software.

Anyway, one likes it or not, this upgrade is a must as it will automatically appear on the screen when you will login in the trading software and there is no way to continue unless you select to upgrade.

6 Responsesto “KASB direct trading software upgraded to version 2”

  1. Junaid says:

    Hi guys,

    I am going to invest in stocks. i required your
    suggestions please. i am CFA level 2 candidate.
    I want to trade myself. but first i have to open my account
    in CDC investor account. Please guide me which one is best CDC or KSB to open my account who charge lowest commission on trade.

    waiting for your response on: junaid_java @ hotmail . com

  2. Zafar says:

    Amazing offer by KASB Direct. They have reduced the commission structure to as low as 2 paisa… This is a huge saving. Its been a year now that i have transferred my account from other broker to KASB Direct and i find that the service is amazing. the response time is very fast. plus the online real time fund transfer facility that they provide really real time not like other brokers who call it online fund transfer real time but it not real time….

  3. Nadeem Qadir says:

    Pl. send me complete details for online trading.

  4. Syed Abdul Daiyan says:

    there were technical changes in the software explained in their email which is nothing to do with the customer. It might be due to the improvement of the service in their server end.

    Syed Abdul Daiyan

  5. Rizwan says:

    no changes found

  6. Azfar A Khan says:

    I also saw no changes after the upgrade.

    The KASB management is requested to apprise us about the change.



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