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Nowadays, making a decent living online is very much possible. What used to be a dream of many is now a reality.

There are no secret ways to make money online: everyone who has been using the internet for sometime should know about the different Legit opportunities.

There are some opportunities that are free to join. That is: you will start working without paying any fee. In fact, you will never pay anything from your own pocket EVER.

On the other hand, there are some opportunities where some investment will be required.

Here is a list of online opportunities that can help you make a decent living online:

1. Working At Freelance Sites
2. Making Blogs/Websites
3. Affiliate Business
4. Forex Trading
5. Stock Market Trading
6. Doing Copywriting/Content Writing Jobs At Different Sites
7. Earn money in different ways by writing just 1 Article

1. Working At Freelancing Sites

Nowadays, one of the best ways to make a really good living online is to start working at freelance sites. Many people from all around the world are doing this work and they are making some good money at these sites.

There are many jobs that we can do at these sites. For example: we can get  simple typing jobs, formatting documents, image editing, translation and many other simple jobs.

On the other hand, we can also get jobs that require some skill like copywriting work which require the skill of writing Good content, Mostly in English. This content needs to be spelling errors free and needs to have no/less grammatical mistakes.

Some other jobs that require us to have certain skills includes: coding, creating programs in different languages according to the buyer’s request, designing logos, designing websites and other work where one need to know different languages like: PHP, ASP, Java etc.

This opportunity gives you the most stable income that one can get on the internet. And most importantly, in order to do work at freelance sites, you will never invest any money from your pocket, EVER, and you will give no registration fee of any kind to get started.

If you want to know more about freelance sites: then please read this Guide.

2. Making Blogs/Websites

Another way to make a living online is to build blogs/websites. Nowadays, making a blog is a piece of cake. You can easily get blogs on the internet without paying any money.

There are many sites where you can get subdomains: they are like normal sites: they are [kind of] a part of the main website. You can call subdomains as baby sites of the main site:

For example: This is a main site:


Now this can be a subdomain:


Anyway, you can get a blog/site for free or you can get your own domain and hosting. This off course will not be free.

If you do not want to spend any money from your pocket, then I suggest you go with free subdomains.

Just remember: you cannot make money with just any website/blog. In order to generate income you need to add excellent, useful, informative, fresh, unique, meaningful, helpful, accurate and perfectly written Content.

Once your blog/site starts to get targeted traffic, you will then have different options to generate income from your blog/site.

If you think this opportunity is the one you were looking for: then please read this guide:

3. Affiliate Business

One of the ways to make a living online is to enter affiliate business. To earn money from this opportunity, you will have to Refer targeted people to some websites. If these targeted users do the desire task on that website, then you will earn a commission.

For example:

Let’s assume that a website is selling socks and they have an affiliate program which you have joined. Now, you will have to bring people to this website who wants to buy socks. If anyone you referred buys some socks, then you will get a percentage of the money that is generated from this purchase.

This work may sound easy, but when it’s done practically, it’s one of the most difficult jobs that you can find on the internet.

Finding targeted people is not an easy job. The first thing that you will need for this business is a well established website. Then you need to do research about the products that you want to promote.

Your site needs to have good and true information about these products:

If you want to find more information about affiliate business, then please read this guide:

4. Forex Trading

First of all, you should know that Forex trading is a very risk work. You can easily lose your money in this business.

Some people think that forex business is a very easy way to earn lot of money, but the truth is that this work is one of the riskiest businesses that you can find on the internet.

The main thing that matters in this business is the amount of experience that you have. If you have some experience and if you are capable of doing some good market analysis: then you can make a good living from this business.

This business requires you to invest some money. This business is not free to start.

In order to find more information, please go here:

5. Stock Market Trading

There are many ways via which you can make a good living online. One solid opportunity is to start stock market trading.

Please Note: Stock Market trading is also a risky business, just like Forex Business. You can gain profits and you can lose lot of money too.

In order to be successful one needs to have some good amount of experience.

For beginners with zero past experience: this business is too risky.

There are many companies that offer online trading software that we can use to trade on daily bases from our home. In order to find more information about this business, please go here:

6. Doing Copywriting/Content Writing Jobs At Different Sites

Usually I tell people to only join freelance sites if they wish to do copywriting jobs. That is because freelance sites are the best place to find legit online jobs without paying any fee and no one can scam you there because of the escrow and arbitration system.

But in case you are already doing copywriting jobs at freelance sites and want to know about some other websites where you can earn little extra money from writing jobs then you can read this guide:

7. Earn money in different ways by writing just 1 Article

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