Minimum Requirements Needed To Play GTA 4 For PC

Unfortunately, I was not able to play the game [yet], for which, I have waited for such a long time. GTA is my most favorite game. There is no other game that give us this much freedom.

GTA is like a whole new world where we can do very cool things : )

I was only able to run the game with 15 or so FPS. This rate makes the game totally un-playable.

I want to play this game with at least 30 plus FPS, but for this, I need to buy a new PC.

I guess it’s time to spend some good money to buy a nice piece of hardware for this game.

Anyway, if you are wondering about the minimum PC requirement for GTA 4 game, then here it is:

Operating System Requirement:

Windows Vista with service pack one Windows XP with service pack three


1.8 GHz or above Intel Core2Duo 2.4 GHz or above AMD Athlon X2 64

VideoGraphics Card:

Nvidia 7900 or above with at least 256 MB memory ATI X1900 or above with at least 256 MB memory

System Memory:

At least 1 GB of RAM for Windows XP and at least 1.5 GB of RAM for Windows Vista

Disk Space Required

16 GB free hard drive space is required to install this massive game

51 Responsesto “Minimum Requirements Needed To Play GTA 4 For PC”

  1. ashwib says:

    Can you run gta4 with the 256MB nvidia geforce7900 card and a 2.5GB of ram and. A dual core chip windows sp3

  2. ashwib says:

    Can you run gta4 with the 256MB nvidia geforce7900 card

  3. Administrator says:

    You need to get a better 3D card: what processor do you have and also, how much Ram?

  4. bony says:

    i had running gta4 but it runs very slow it gives 10 fps on nvidia 8400gs

  5. Khairool says:

    Can i play the game gta4 with my pc requirements?

    dual core 1.8 Ghz
    2 Gb of ram
    window 7 ultimate
    Asus nvidia 9800gt 1gb 256bit ddr3

    the optional graphic i had is
    ati hd5670 1gb 128bit ddr5

    please reply me

  6. Aarif from kashmir says:

    When i installed the pop sand of time from dvd . After installation it shows “********”. But on dvd it was shown to copy that copy all files from ******* folder to pop folder. But after doing this it show same problem.

  7. Administrator says:

    Abbottabad is in NWFP, Pakistan.

    In 2008, Ubisoft released another game which was called “Prince of Persia”. This was the last POP released.

    Prince of Persia: Rival Sword is almost the copy of POP: The Two Thrones. But Rival Sword was released for PSP and WII. This game is not available in PC/PS3 or Xbox 360 as for these platforms, POP: The Two Thrones was released.

    I think you have not played POP which was released in 2008. Its name is simply: Prince of Persia

  8. Aarif from kashmir says:

    Sir, abbottabad where it is ?
    The pop t2t was released on 2005 but after that which game was released. Was it the revival sword or it was anything else

  9. Administrator says:

    There were different POP versions released: but the one that really got popular was “POP the sands of time” which was released in 2003. I still think that this was the best game in the series and it had the best story too.

    Then the next part of the Sand Series was “POP Warrior Within” and then came “POP The Two Thrones”.

    POP The Two Thrones seemed to end the Sand of Time series, which may be not true as in 2010 Ubisoft is planing to release “POP The Forgotten Sands”. This game will be like the above mentioned 3 parts and will have a story/events based on the time between “sand of time” and “Warrior Within”.

    In Dec 2008, another POP was released. This was not a part of the Sand of Time series and graphics were different than the previous parts.

    So the next POP will release somewhere in next year: till then, we cannot know what kind of system requirements will that game have.

    Name: Yasir
    Live in: Abbottabad

    Please use this forum for any discussion about different games:

  10. Aarif from kashmir says:

    What is your name and where are you from

  11. Aarif from kashmir says:

    Thanks. I also played 4 parts of Prince of Persia and completed them. Sir plz tell me what is next part after “the 2 thornes ” and its pc config

  12. Administrator says:

    “Hope you are not getting bored with me”

    Not at all. You can ask any question any time.

    “prince of persia”

    What information do you like to know about this game and which part? There were 3 parts previously and now another POP is released which is kind of animated.

    I have played the latest POP for few minutes but after that, I have not yet played it. On the other hand, I have played the previous 3 POP games till the end.

  13. Aarif kashmir says:

    Thanks for it. Hope you are not getting bored with me. I had a craze for gta. I am a student.
    Sir did you only give information about gta not any other games like prince of persia…

  14. Administrator says:

    Yes, 8800GT is a card that will almost run any game. You can play GTA4 with low or some medium settings.

    “In san andreas we keep low graphics”

    Unfortunately, GTA4 is lot more power hungry than San Andreas. I have ran GTA4 in my old PC with 7600GS. The game was totally unplayable even with lowest settings.

    “intel p4 3.06 ghz”

    And you are upgrading your processor right? And you should get 2GB Ram.

    “Could you suggest me some games same as gta”

    Currently, I am playing “Red Faction Guerrilla “. This game is so good that I have started playing it instead of playing GTA4. You should definitely try this game. This is a open world game like GTA4.

  15. Aarif kashmir says:

    Could you suggest me some games same as gta

  16. Aarif kashmir says:

    In san andreas we keep low graphics, can we do same in gta4

  17. Aarif kashmir says:

    Then should i buy a nvidia 8800 card after that can i play it
    sir when i first installed it, it shows the error of graphics card.
    What about it

  18. Administrator says:


    I am pretty much sure that you cannot change a 3D card in a Laptop : ) As the graphics card in installed on the mother board [its like internal card] and there is no slot of installing 3D card.

    Also, to play GTA4 on a laptop, a powerful laptop is needed that has a powerful 3D card. Such laptop can be quite costly.

  19. Administrator says:

    “512 mb nvidia card….kashmir is Rs 2000 should i buy it”

    Please, never measure a 3D card’s power from the memory it has. I also see shopkeepers here selling 3D cards by saying: It is a 256 MB or 512 MB etc Card and other people just buy it without knowing any information about the GPU of the Card.

    Memory is just one part of a 3D card. The real thing is the GPU/Card-Memory-Speed/Different-Clock-Speeds etc.

    A 256 MB card can give a lot better performance than a 786 MB card, given that the 256 MB card has better GPU etc.

    The lowest card that I will suggest you to buy is Nvidia 8800 [possibly GT].

    And I suggest you do that via going to Islamabad: as there you may see a little more variety of 3D cards compared to other cities near you.

    Nowadays, the new games that are coming, require lot of 3D card power.

    I am not very sure about 8800GT price, but may be it will be around Rs. 5000 [Used] these days.

  20. Faiq says:

    Sir what about my laptop config
    intel core2 duo
    1 gb ram
    160 gb hard disk
    which graphics card i would buy

  21. Aarif kashmir says:

    Is there is any new part of san andreas

  22. Aarif kashmir says:

    When i installed the game it shows the error of graphics card .

  23. Aarif kashmir says:

    The price of 512 mb nvidia card in our kashmir is Rs 2000
    should i buy it

  24. Aarif kashmir says:

    The shopkeeper said me that we have 512mb of nvidia graphics card is of Rs 2000
    should i buy this

  25. Administrator says:

    “which graphics card will be best for gamming”

    Please tell us, what your budget is?

    That is: how much money are you willing to spend for buying a new card?

    In order to suggest a card, we will first have to know what kind of budget is in your mind.

    Also, unfortunately, only buying a new 3D card will not help: your processor also needs to be replaced. GTA 4 is very very processor hungry game.

    You will need at least a Core2Duo processor. Quad processor are preferable. Also if you upgrade the ram to 2 GB then that will also help a lot.

  26. Aarif from kashmir says:

    Sir plz give me least config for gta4
    which graphics card will be best for gamming

  27. Aarif from kashmir says:

    Sir, i am big fan of gta 4. My pc config is
    intel p4 3.06 ghz
    1 gb ram ddr1
    80 gb hard disk
    xp service pack 3
    then how much i have to buy graphics card to play gta 4.
    Is this config ok

  28. Administrator says:


    Yes, you can play the game with quite decent FPS. The only problem is the weak 3D card. Because of it, you will most probably have to lower all settings.

  29. Administrator says:


    Yes, you will be able to play this game but unfortunately, because of your Processor, you might not be able to play the game with good Settings.

  30. Melvin says:

    Can this run GTA IV?

    – Intel Core 2 Quad @ 2.66GHz
    – Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
    – 3GB RAM
    – 850GB of HDD
    – Nvidia Geforce 8600GS w/ 256MB dedicated memory.

  31. SHAEB says:

    i am enjoying my game i play gta4 8hours continue everyday sometime even in late night this game blows ur mind man………..

  32. shameer says:

    can i play gta4 on my pc
    i have 1.5gb ram intel pentium 4 with 3.06 ghz and graphic card of 512 mb nvidia 9800gt

  33. Administrator says:

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to play GTA4 with 8400GS. This is a lower end card and will not be able to play GTA4 at any playable frame rate.

    With minimum video settings: I think you will only get 10 or so FPS when the game starts and less FPS as you go outside: at such rate, one cannot play any game.

    You can consider buying a new card. Something like 9800GT.

  34. mallik says:

    it is Nvidia GEforce 8400 GS

  35. Administrator says:

    Graphics settings will depend on the video card that you have installed [plus your processor plus your Ram]. You have mentioned the Ram and Processor, can you please share the name of your Graphics card?

    For example: Nvidia 9800GT

  36. mallik says:

    my system information
    intel core 2 duo CPU E7500 and 2.93GHz
    windows XP service pack 3
    2 gb ram
    nvidiya graphics card 512mb
    460GB sata hard disk
    and what graphics setting i should do in my system it is displaying and stucks like old videos what should i do

  37. Administrator says:

    You can play without login in Rockstar Social Club. You can simply click on “Skip Login”.

    And if you do not have an internet connection, then you can make a offline Windows Live account and use it to play GTA4.

  38. mallik says:

    ok thanks….
    is it necessary to loging in Rockstar game social club….

  39. Administrator says:

    The original GTA4 [PC] Dics is required to play the game. So even if GTA4 [PC] is activated in an another PC, the game will not run until the original Game Dics is inserted.

    I am not sure, but it is also possible that the online activation works only for the first PC where it is installed. And that if the same game is installed in other PCs, the activation may not work. And even if it does work, only one person will be able to play the game as the original Dics is required.

  40. mallik.. says:

    i want to share it with others is it possible…?

  41. mallik says:

    is it work in only one system……?
    what we do for share with other person…

  42. Administrator says:

    To activate GTA4, you will need an internet connection.

    To get achievements etc in Windows Live, you will need an internet connection. But if you do not need that and just want to play and save the game, then you can run the game with an offline Windows Live account.

  43. mallik says:

    is this required internet to install

  44. Administrator says:

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to play GTA 4 on your laptop. Actually, I think you will get some kind of error that will prevent GTA4 from even starting up.

    GTA4 is a extremely power hungry game. I remember a friend of mine who was playing GTA Vice City on a PC with a built in 3D Card.

    I had played that game so much with medium/high graphics. The game was able to run on that PC but the graphics were terrible.

    Unfortunately, such thing is not possible with GTA4. This game will simple not run on low end PC.

  45. curtis says:

    i have the following specifications and i was wondering if i could play gta4 on my laptop. i really dont care about it moving fast,i just want to prove a point. heres my specs:
    sony vaio vgn-fs920
    xp home sp3
    1.73ghz processor
    pentium m processor
    2 gigs of ram
    80 gig hard drive
    intel gma integrated graphic chipset
    915gm/gms,910gml express chipset family

    so wuts your take?will it run at all?i appreciate your time and look forward to an answer.

  46. Administrator says:

    It looks like you will not be able to play GTA4 in your PC. The game will run but it will run at very slow FPS making the game un playable.

    I personally have 2 PCs. I recently got a powerful [compared to my other PC] gaming system. The other PC I have is: Core2Duo 2.8Ghz, 4 GB RAM, 8600GS Nvidia

    And on this PC, GTA 4 ran with 10 or so FPS at lowest possible settings. Thus I could not play the game.

    Now the other PC I got is 2.3 Quad, 4 GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 260

    And on this PC, GTA4 run at 25+ FPS

    When I did not had this new PC, I was then not happy about GTA4 requiring a powerful system to run but after seeing the scope of the game and graphic quality, I then realized that the good system/PC requirement is justified.

  47. riko says:

    hi,i want to ask that will gta4 run on these specification:
    intel pentium 4(2.66ghz)
    nvidia geforce 512mb 8500gt
    1.2gb of ram

  48. Administrator says:

    Hello “sanket”,

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to play the game on this PC.

    I had to spend a fortune to get a PC that can run this game.

    I had, Intel Dual Core 1.8 GHz, 2 GB Ram, Nvidia 7600 GS and I was not able to play this game on this PC.

    I then had to get a new PC.

  49. sanket says:

    Hi,I have following configuration to play Gta4 game,
    Intel pentium(4) processor
    2 GB RAM
    NVIDIA nforce 610i 512 MB graphics
    DirectX 9.0c
    OS service pack 3
    Should it works or not please send me ans…………..

  50. garry says:

    hey if we hav 128mb graphic card will this game work or do i hav to upgrade???????

  51. Administrator says:

    I guess you will have to upgrade your graphics card. Plus, this game needs a powerful processor.

    This game is very much, processor power hungry.

    I have [had] 256mb Geforce 7600 GS graphics card. Processor is dual core 1.8. 2 GB ram.

    But this game only ran with 10-15 FPS.

    [Update: Now I got a PC gaming system: Quad with Nvidia GTX 260 and now GTA4 is running above 25 FPS with pretty good settings]

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