Windows not recognizing native resolution of monitor/LCD

Wrong resolution in WindowsQuestion:

Microsoft Windows is not recognizing the native resolution of my LCD/monitor. In screen properties, Windows is showing low resolution or the wrong ones.


There can be several reasons why this can happen.

1. Download the latest driver for your video card. Install it and restart your PC. See if this solves the issue.
If not, then use Driver Sweeper to remove all video card related drivers/files from your system. Then install the latest driver. If this doesn’t help then try the next fix.

2. Attach another monitor to your PC. Start your PC and check whether correct resolution is shown or not. If it works correctly then the other monitor might have some issue: to verify this attach [this possibly malfunctioning] monitor to another PC and check is Windows is showing the correct resolution or not. If your monitor has no malfunctions then move to the next fix.

3. Are you using any convertor at the end of the monitor cable? DVI to VGA convertor or any other type?
If you are then this convertor can be the issue. Get a new convertor: if problem remains then you will need to get a new monitor or video card so that you don’t need any signal convertor.
See if your monitor has more than one output ports: if it has then use the one which is supported by your video card. This will remove the need of a convertor.

4. If possible re-install Windows.

5. I personally had this issue multiple times: both times the culprit was Faulty Video Card. One faulty video card supported more than one input ports [DVI and VGA]. I checked different monitors with this DVI port but all failed. They showed incorrect resolution. However the VGA port of this card worked.
Another card I had, had just one output port. It had the same resolution issue.
Both these cards were faulty [one being half/partially faulty].
I had to replace them.

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  1. Jerry Asaddi says:

    At this point, you need to install the Video Card Driver. If your monitor attached on Built-In video card you have to download it by entering your Motherboard code into google search or any internet browser. Your motherboard code will be found at the center of your PC board, e.g. P4M8X. just type it into internet browser such; P4M8X VGA driver free download. Now if your monitor attached on the PCIE video card, it should have a CD driver, if none, you have to download it too by using VGA cards’ code and this code will be found near VGA Card’s terminal such as; VPEARV7102PS6

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