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Do you want to earn a decent living online? By doing simple jobs like copywriting, data entry, typing job, online form filling, programming, SEO and etc?

If yes, then carry on and read this free freelance tutorial. You will learn about 100% legitimate way to earn money via selling your services on the internet.

Freelance sites give you the ability to earn a good living at home. You are your own Boss: work whenever you want to. Most importantly, it is 100% free to join. You will never pay any money from your pocket EVER.

Thousands of users are working at these sites everyday: You can become one of them.

How much money can you earn via doing these online jobs?

From few dollars to thousands of dollars. It will depend on how much work you are willing to do and what kind of work you are capable of doing.

There are hundred plus categories: each category contains a different kind of job. If you do not have any skills like doing Programming in some language like PHP etc, then I will recommend copywriting as the pay is very good. Data entry is a good option to choose if you cannot do any other job [including copywriting]. Different jobs require us to have different kinds of skills. Like for programming work, one needs to have knowledge of different kinds of languages like PHP, ASP, .NET etc.

If a person has no skill in any field then he can do data entry jobs: as this work requires no Skill or Experience of any kind. If you can operate a PC then you can do this work. This work does pay less compared to copywriting and other jobs but one can still earn some decent amount of money.

Is it free to join? Yes, it is 100% free to join. But there are some differences between these websites. I will explain them later and I will also explain the difference between data entry and copywriting.

I shall now show you links to the Top freelancing site on the internet.

Note: open these links in separate windows. Register at these sites. You will then be asked to create a profile. For now, fill in the compulsory stuff. You can edit your profile later. Remember to choose the right category. While creating your profile, you will be asked to choose a category. You can only apply for jobs that are posted under the category that you choose in your profile.

For example, if you are interested in doing data entry jobs, then choose the following category: Admin Support

After you make the basic profile click on “Find Work” then “Browser Jobs”. Here find the category that you selected in your profile. Under it’s heading will be the sub-categories. For example: Under the main category of “Admin Support”, you will find sub-categories like “Data Entry”, “Research” etc.

Open the sub-category: now you will be able to see a list of newly posted projects. Look for projects where no one has submitted any Proposals/Bids. Open such projects and submit your proposal/bid if you can do the job. This will give you a basic idea about how things work at these sites.

I suggest you submit such one proposal/bid and then come back to this page to read the rest of this guide: It is a complete freelance tutorial that contains lot of tips for the New Comers.

Site 1: Elance

Site 2: oDesk

To earn at these sites you need to invest Time. You will not invest any money. The only thing that you will be investing is some of your Time. What do you mean by Investing Time? And how will it effect my income?

If you want to make a living online then you will have to spend 8 or more hours at these sites. On the other hand, if you only want to earn some extra cash, that is via doing part time work, then you can do work whenever you have some spare time. You can work for few hours on the weekends or you can work for an hour or so on business days [after your full time day job is over]. The time that you will invest is very important:

There is no online opportunity where you can earn without doing any work. Anyone who wishes to make a living via these sites should be prepared to work for 10 or so hours every day: And when it comes to the Beginning of one’s freelancing career, he has to work Really Hard in order to gain Ratings [I will explain more later].

In the beginning the goal is to win Your first Project. And that is one VERY difficult Goal to achieve.

There are so many things to learn. But don’t give up as you will only work hard at the beginning. Slowly, you will start to enjoy this work. New comers will work more and will earn less but after few days or weeks, the opposite will happen: that is: you will work less and will make much more : )

You will learn everything. Carefully and patiently read this guide…
Working at freelance sites is the best option for home staying Moms to earn for their family. They can stay at home with their children and earn without going to any office.

Are you Serious about earning income using internet or you are just passing by and checking if you can earn some Quick Cash via doing no work? Remember that there are no Shortcuts: In order to earn online, you will need to do lot of work, especially in the beginning. Whether you want to do this as a part time or full time job, hard work will be required in both cases.

The first step is the easiest of all: simply Sign-Up. Note: users who want to get work are called “Contractor”. You want to earn via doing work for other people right? So you are a contractor. People who will give you work are called Employers.

IMPORTANT: Remember to sign-up for a Correct Account. Many users select to register as an Employer instead of a Contractor. They waste lot of their time in figuring out why they are not able to get any job : )

Elance and other sites make design changes quite often: In the current design, there are two places where you may get confused and select the wrong account type. The link which I have included above, will land you on EL where you will be able to see this [Figure 1]:

You can see in this image where you should and should not click. Remember that you are Not an Employer. Some users try to navigate in the site before they start the registration process. Some of them land on the Homepage where I currently see this [Figure 2]:

There is one other way to sign-up. At the Top-Right hand side of all pages, you can see this [Figure 3]: If you click on Register, you will then see Figure 4: Make sure that you select the Correct Account.

After clicking on the correct signup link, you will then see a page where Four different Memberships are available. Select to Register under the BASIC Membership account. [This is the Free membership.]

After that, you will see a Simple Form. Fill in all the information and then click on Join Elance.

After you complete the registration process you will then have to create your Profile. Create a decent looking Profile. EL is a professional site so contractors need to be professional too, right? Take your time in creating a good looking profile. You will need to fill-in information in this form [Figure 5]:

It is also a pretty much simply form. Write in details about your Experience [if Any]. Show your Qualifications/Degrees [if Any]. Write other detail about yourself: write whether you are working alone or you have a team. Mention whether you are working full-time online or you are doing this work as part time job…

In the Keywords box you can write about the specific fields/categories in which you are interested to work. For example you can write these keywords: Data Entry, Copywriting, Form Filling etc…

During the registration process or during completing the steps to create your profile, you will also have to choose a Category. THIS IS IMPORTANT. You can only apply for jobs in the category which you will select in your profile. Do not select wrong category. For example, choose Writing and Translation category if you want to do copywriting work.

If you want to do data entry jobs then choose this category: Admin Support

How many categories can a Free Member choose?

Only ONE.

So it means that I can either do data entry or copywriting jobs and can’t do both?

The answer is Yes and also No. Free members can only choose one category so they cannot do both data entry and writing work at the same time. Where PAID members can select more than one categories so they can work in both categories.

Can I change my Category?

Yes, but only Once in a Month.

Choose the correct category to avoid any problems.

Now let us talk about the last step in completing your profile. Look at Figure 6:

Verifying your Phone Number is simple.Simply click on Verify Your Phone Number and then click on Continue. Make sure that you have entered the correct Phone Number in your profile. You will then receive an Automated Call. This process is simple but you can only verify your phone number if you have already pass the Admission Test.

I believe EL has removed the Admission Test from their site. In the past, new users had to pass a Test in order to start working. Currently, new users are able to start without having to pass this test.

Once you verify your phone number, you can then start to look for jobs. Remember that you are a new comer and have to compete with other users. Some of these other users will have HIGH RATINGs. So don’t lose Hope and Do Not Give Up. In order to apply for a job, you will need to submit a Proposal. At some freelance sites, proposals are called BIDS.

Take a look at Figures 7 and 8:

These pictures show the required fields that you need to fill-in to submit a proposal. In the Top/First box, write the detail. Try to understand the work which you are required to do in the given job. For example, if the job requires you to write 10 articles about Gardening then to show the Employer that you are a Serious Contender, you can write a 100 or so words sample on the given topic and include it in the said box.

Don’t just paste a sample: First write something else like: Hello, I am a new contractor but I can assure you that I will do the given work accurately and within the given time period. I wrote a sample for you on the topic you mentioned…

You need to IMPRESS the Employer. At the bottom of Figure 7, you can see two boxes: you need to use the first one only. This box says “My Earnings”. In this box, you will enter the amount of money for which you are willing to complete the given work.

As you are a new comer and have no RATINGs, therefore I suggest you agree to work for lowest rates. WHAT, the lowest price? Why?

Well, what do you expect : ) ? You are a New Comer. So you have to do work for the lowest rates.

How can you get a project for higher rates when there are many other people applying for the same project? And they may have high ratings too: This seems to be a good time to tell you about the Importance of Ratings/Feedbacks.

All freelance sites have a rating/feedback system. When a person completes a job, he/she then gets a feedback. The more projects you do, the more feedbacks will you get.

The more feedbacks a person have, the more money he will earn. Users with High Ratings get work for higher rates as Buyers Trust Them.

Ratings are part of freelancer’s reputation system. As you are a new user and you don’t have any ratings therefore you should go for the lowest price.

Remember: more good ratings = more jobs for you.

So in the beginning, your first goal is to Earn Excellent Ratings and for this you need to Win Projects.

Importance of Communication with Buyers

Communication with buyers is the most important part. Without proper communication, your chances of winning a project are almost zero. You can use Workroom Messages to communicate with Employers.

IMPORTANT: In Elance, you cannot start a conversation with Employers. In order to communicate with an employer, you first need to submit a proposal and then you need to wait for him to start a Conversation. After you receive a message, you can then communicate with him via WorkRoom.

To send a reply, Click on the Elance logo which is at the very top-left hand side. Here you can see a list of jobs where you have submitted a proposal. With each job, you can see a Envelope like icon/button. To view the message you can click on this envelope icon. This will open the Messaging Center in your Workroom.

Remember that as you will gain ratings, you will start to earn more.

In Figure 8, you can see an option to mention the Milestone. This is just like Escrow: I suggest you leave this for now. First earn a rating and then worry about using this option. You can also see an option to choose Delivery Time. Choose an approximate time in which you can complete the work. The last option can be used to place your proposal at the top of all other proposals. I suggest you do not use this option as you do not have lot of Connects.

What are Connects?

The amount of proposals that you can submit depends on the amount of connects you have. Elance give Connects to users each month. Free members have less connects where paid members have more. In order to submit proposal, a project may require you to spend 1 or more connects.

After you open the project description page, you should first read the description. Make sure that you can complete the described work. You have to make sure that you can complete the work. You have to be 100% sure about it. In order to be successful at freelance sites, you need to earn excellent ratings: and in case you fail to complete a project, then you will get a Bad rating. One bad rating can pretty much end the freelance career for a new comer.

[Don’t bid on projects where you are not sure what job is required to be done. Sometimes new comers start to submit proposals on different projects without reading and understanding the project. Some of them think that if they get the Unknown Job, they will simply search about it on the internet and will then learn everything about it in a quick time. This behavior is commonly seen as a result of Frustration or Carelessness. Please keep in mind that if you win a project that you cannot complete in the given time period, then you will get a Bad Rating. After that, no one will give you work.]

Site 3: 99designs

If you are able to join EL then you can join any freelance site without any problem. You should join Elance and oDesk. Joining 2 freelance sites will help you learn more and will increase the chances of you getting your first job quicker.

What payment options are available?

There are many payment options available at freelance sites.

You can select MoneyBookers [MB] or Paypal . Other payment options are not as cheap and safe as these two.

If you live in a country where Paypal is not supported then you can use MoneyBookers to transfer money to your bank account. It’s cheap and safe:

[Note: if you are living in a Country where MB is also not supported, like in Nigeria, then please use the Payoneer Debit Card option]

It’s not difficult to create an account at Moneybookers, however adding bank accounts can [sometimes] create problems. Once you verify the address and name, and add a bank account: you will then receive your money with one click.

After you create an account at Moneybookers: go to the Profile page and click on Address. You need to verify your postal address in order to enable your MB account for withdrawals. I personally made the mistake of not verifying my address at the time of creating my MB account. After I transferred my money from a freelancing site to MB, I tried to withdraw the money to my bank account. Unfortunately, it was then, I found about address verification. My withdrawal was processed 40 days late because of this small mistake of not verifying my postal address when I first created my account.

Anyway, after you click on the verify Postal address button, Moneybookers will send a letter to your postal address which will contain a code. Use this code to verify your account. [Please note that this verification letter can take up to 45 days to reach you: time varies depending on the country where you live]. After address verification, you have to enter your bank account information.

You will first transfer your money from freelance sites to your MB account and then you will transfer this money to your bank account. The whole process can take up to 14 days. The real problem is that, you can’t use [just] any bank accounts with Moneybookers. You will need to have an account in a bank which is directly connected to SWIFT Network.

How to find out if a bank is connected to the SWIFT network or not?

The easiest way of finding whether your bank is connected to SWIFT or not, is to call your bank and ask them to give you their Swift Code.

If they have a SWIFT code, then go to your Moneybookers account and try to enter your bank account information. In case MB fails to accept your Bank account information: then it will mean that your bank is indirectly connected to SWIFT network (Not good). If your bank account is not directly connected to SWIFT network, then go to SWIFT Directory and try to search for a bank in your city, which is directly connected to the SWIFT Network and which is nearest to where you live.

After that, you will have to go to that bank to create a new bank account. After you get a new account, enter its information in your profile at MB. First you will request the freelancing site(s) to transfer your money to MB, then you will request MB to send these funds to your bank account. After few days, you will finally receive the funds.

[Update: I recently tried to withdraw money from MB and I got a message to verify my Name too. For that, Moneybookers sent $15 to my bank account. I then went to my bank and got a SWIFT Transaction copy of this 15 dollars withdrawal. I scanned the document and sent it to MB via their website. MB then verified my Name/Account within 24 hours. So you may also get this Name verification message anytime]

I do not know much about Paypal as it is not yet supported in my country. If you live in Pakistan or any other country where Paypal is not yet supported then you will have to use MB.

Be Safe And Follow The Rules

Remember to NEVER send any contact information to buyers. Contact information includes email, phone number etc.

In case you send any contact information then your online freelance career will be over for sure.

Freelance sites will terminate or suspend our account if they find any contact info in your proposal or messages.

Difference Between Copywriting and Data Entry Jobs

If you can write proper English [English without spelling and grammatical mistakes], then you should do copywriting work. And in case your English writing skills are not very impressive, then you can choose to do data entry.

Remember: Copywriting jobs pay much more than what data entry pays.

However, if you currently cannot write proper English and still want to do writing work, then you should first try to improve your English writing skills. You can find lot of Online English Learning Courses for Free.

Some Final Words

This opportunity enables you to earn legit money online without worrying about scams. You will never invest any money from your pocket. This means that you simply cannot lose any money. So you should never worry about scams while working at these sites.

Still need help? Leave a comment…

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  81. Dr.Ayesha says:

    Dear Team.

    Myself is Dr.Ayesha Ara done my graduation in BHMS having 1 year of experience in gynecology
    looking forward your response if any job opening for me.

    Thank you


  82. KIran says:

    Kindly help me out to get online job

  83. Ashaq says:

    Want to earn

  84. shahid imran says:

    can i work with You? or with some data processing agency in Pakistan?

  85. Abhishek Subba says:

    Please i want to do this job ryt now

  86. mani says:

    hi, i checked reviews for moneybookers n found so sheddy, pls help me regarding online payments in pakistan.
    best regards

    • Administrator says:


      Moneybookers is Safe, Cheap and they process withdrawals quickly. I live in Pakistan and had been using MBs for 5+ years.


      • s imran says:

        one more question, between standard charted and nib, which is the best, they have only bank swift code instead of their branch swift code?

        • Administrator says:


          You need to get a account in a Bank where they have their own swift code. The branch should have their own code. If the branch is indirectly connected to swift, then you may not be able to use Moneybookers.

          My suggestion will be to use Bank Alfalah. All their branches have a swift code.


  87. mani says:

    hi, to receive payments from moneybookers, we must have foreign currency account???

    • Administrator says:


      You can have Pak Rupee or a foreign account. If you have PK account, then you will receive money in Pak Rupees. Bank will automatically convert $ to PK Rupee.

      If you want to get Dollars in your account, then you will need a Foreign account.


  88. rajan sharma says:

    i m interested in data entry work pls help me to get a projet

  89. alisha says:

    i want to take a part in it.. please tell me how i cn register in it?

  90. seabright7 says:

    Wonderful article! I have been working at being unemployed as of late. In fact, this is the longest that I have ever been unemployed. I have always enjoyed writing and I also enjoy working remotely. When I found your article, you gave me a glimpse of hope. Thank you!

  91. Zach says:

    this is the best

  92. jamelah says:

    please help me too..i need work

  93. yudhisthir says:


    Najafgarh New Delhi-43

    This is the objective and you want to explain in one sentence what you goals are.

    1 year typing experience

    10th class

    FATHER NAME; jasbir singh dahiya
    MOTHER NAME; sneh lata
    DATE OF BARTH; 21/12/1996
    HOBBIE; art,typing,electrical instrument create etc.
    LANGUAGE; hindi

    DATE; 27/05/2012 SINGNATURE;( yudhisthir )

  94. amit kumar singh says:

    plz help me

  95. shahid sharif nizami says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to get a online job without investment.Please help me in this canse. I am graduate.My present occupation is teaching.
    wating for the positive reply so soon.

  96. Rosenda T. Espadilla says:

    i have 1 child and want to have extra income

  97. deepiya says:

    I wnt to do job in u r website plz help me i need money so plz send me all detail

  98. deepiya says:

    I wnt to do job in u r website plz help me i need money so plz send me all details about dis job

  99. Naphtali says:

    I won an hourly job how to I make sure the guy doesn’t make me work in vain.

  100. sajjad says:

    hhow i can start data entry job and make money

  101. avtar singh mangat says:

    I am retired security personnel doing jobs from home in translation/proofreading/editing/rewriting with my valued clients since long period to their satisfaction.

  102. Vette says:

    How do i start?

  103. Vette says:

    Im interested.

  104. hengky says:

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  105. hengky says:

    please iam search to work

  106. Tariq says:

    I want to do home based job to earn more money pls guide me how may i start work please info.

  107. Tariq says:

    i am searching online work

  108. cherry says:

    i want to do this job please…

  109. vishal says:

    I am an programmer I want to a project to get earning,so plz tell me how to get project

  110. rhea anne bregaudit says:

    i need money so pls give me a job

  111. Dinesh says:

    I want to do home based job to earn more money pls guide me how may i start work please info.

  112. Venkat says:

    I am mony earn

  113. Maqbool Ahmed says:

    I am a retired government servant. I wants to enter data through Ms-word. please guide me how I can start this work?

  114. noor says:

    I want to do home based job to earn more money pls guide me how may i start work.

  115. Nida says:

    I want to do home based job to earn more money pls guide me how may i start work.

  116. Amar says:

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  117. Kuldeep singh says:

    Thank you so much for writing this website! I’m a mother of a 3 year old and has spent over 3 years looking for a legitimate work at home job.
    I live in Hong Kong, where telecommute is not so popular, it is very hard to make money online from home unless you have your own business

  118. bhumika says:

    i like very much this site but i want create an account in your website, iwant do this work
    please reply.

  119. Administrator says:

    Old Comments Migrated:


    Sir, please help me.
    I tried for 20 days, and still I havnt got a single project, what should I do? I really need money, please help. I will be waiting for your reply thank you


    I understand your problem. It’s really hard to get your first project. But you have to wait and spend as much time, at these sites, as you can. Always try to communicate with Employers and always bid for the lowest amount.
    You should write something like this in PM “What is the minimum amount that you are willing to pay for this project? Whatever it is, I am willing to do the whole project for that amount and I will do an excellent work”.
    Always look for the newest opened projects, and when you see one, bid at once. If possible, send few samples of your previous work to the buyer.


    hello there
    my name is nancy patterson and I live in newyork. I have one question.
    What is keyword density? and keyword article writing.


    KEYWORD Density= Number of time a word appears in the article.
    For example: if you write a article about rockets, then for how many times should the word “rockets” appear in the article. There are free online tools to check keyword density.
    keyword article = writing an article for a specific topic. For example, If some one ask you to write article on “Computers”, then just write a simple article on this topic and use the given keyword few times in the article..
    If you are given an keyword, u will need to write an article on that keyword, and also use this keyword in your article few times or use according to the requirements.


    I live in pakistan and I am looking to do Work at Home so I think working at freelancing sites is my best option. I just wanted to ask one thing, which site from the above 2 should I choose?
    I only want to work at one site so which one is better. I want to concentrate on one site thanks : )


    All sites are good. You can choose any. Elance is the best of all.
    You can consider joining both EL and OD and then try to win a project at any one of them, you then continue working at that site.


    What kind of Job can we do at these sites. My name is maria and I am 22, I have done Bachelors in computer engineering. What kind of free online job do you suggest for me? I tried to find some engineering jobs but I think there are not much of them. and the jobs that are engineering based, they are very difficult because there are variety of subjects in engineering.
    SO please help and suggest any Job for me.


    In my opinion you should not look for any hardware projects as they can’t be done remotely (in most cases). People have to deleiver all the hardware for such projects making it impossible for many people.
    Anyway, you can do data entry work at these sites. You can also do copywriting.
    Dataentry includes easy things like typing, online form filling, etc.
    Contact me again if you still need more help.


    Hello there and thank you for helping other people : )
    I have some questions which I want to ask regarding freelance sites.
    I am a programmer and I can build software and website using different languages like PHP, ASP, and Flash. I also am expert in SQL and MYSQL databases. So, are these sites the correct place for me to do work online and earn money online ?

    Will I find some decent paying onlinejobs at these 2 freelancing sites?
    I have build hundreds of websites for many clients. I run a small software house in my town and I am earning quite good money but its not enough and I want to do work at freelance sites too. I found this page on a search engine and I am quite happy that I found it actually : )
    But I think the only problem with me is that I am a little scared about the fact that all the work involve dealing with remote people, or like communicating with virtual people on the net : )
    So, is it safe to do work at these sites? Am I going to be paid?

    Of course, I am not saying that these sites are a scam, but I just wanted to know how much risk is involved in doing projects at these two freelancing websites.
    Thank you again for your great help; I will wait for your reply.


    You used “?” many times in your post : ) but what I think the real question is that: how safe it is to do work at these sites and what is the percentage of risk involved, Right?
    Well Tom, one thing is for sure, working at these freelancing sites is 100 percent SCAM free. People are making hundreds of dollars via working at Elance and other sites. Its 100 free to join these sites right?

    So is there any point of SCAM involved when these sites don’t charge a single cent to start earning money? Actually, scriptlance will give you $1, when you signup : )
    Never worry about a SCAM, because you will never pay a single cent from your pocket. All you need to do is, invest your time. Working at these sites is 100% FREE.
    Just do a small job worth $30. Then request a withdrawal, after you receiving your money, you will be satisfied regarding the SCAM fear, and then start doing work at these sites with no fear : )
    You will make money online without investing any cash EVER. Now, here is a very important point that I think I missed in the above Guide. There are good people and bad people in this world. So some times, you encounter some really bad people. Here is what BAD thing can happen to anyone at a freelance site.

    When you win any project the buyer, will give you all the details about the job. After that you start and finish the work. You then send the completed work to the buyer. The buyer then check the work and after that he will pay you [in case you did the work correctly] (hope fully you will).
    WAIT, where is the bad thing involved that I was talking about? Well in the last part where you deliver the work, what if you did a excellent and accurate work but the buyer dont pay you? What will you do?

    You will contact the freelance site support for help. This will enter your project in Arbitration. If you have made any mistakes in doing the job then you may not get paid : ( But if you have done a correct job then freelance support will give you the money.
    ALWAYS remember to ask the buyer to escrow the funds. What is Escrow?

    Well ESCROW, means that the buyer put the money that he has to pay you in the Freelancing site’s account. This money will be safe.
    You can earn money without getting scammed if you use Escrow.
    And if you don’t have any ratings, then I suggest you first build some reputation before demanding Escrow.
    Escrow is a safe way to make sure you will be paid.

    Also, Tom, you can find many projects like, website development, PHP and MYSQL work, etc at these sites.


    Hi….. Can I do typing Jobs at these sites? If yes then how much will I be paid for such work? Thanks


    Yes, you can do typing work at these sites. You just need a computer and an internet connection and thats it.
    BUT how much will you earn? it all depends on yourself. What is your typing speed and for how much time, can you do such work? It all depends on you, the more work you do, the more you will earn. But I will give you some idea. When I started working at these sites, I first did $1 per hour job, only to earn a feedback (review). Then gradually, rates increased.

    You can normally find work for $5 to $10 per hour but sometimes you just hit Jackpot. There was a project, where the buyer wanted me to just copy 10 already written articles from his one site and remove some word from them and then I had to paste them to 10 different files with .xasp extension.
    He could do it himself, but the only thing that he didnt know was a little bit of Programming. I did this work in about 20 minutes and I earned $110… Isnt it just great :)?
    Best of Luck to all people.


    My name is adnan. I am doing a Full time work at a mobile company in pakistan. I want to make money online other than my salary. I have experience in data processing work, accounting work, and also data entry work too. So, sir, do you think I should try my luck at above mentioned freelancing sites?
    Thank You in advance:)


    Yes, I think working at EL or/and OD is the best part time work option, especially for you.
    You said that you work at a mobile company right, So I am sure that you have internet available while you are working in your office right? and some times, you are free and there is no office work to do, right? You can utilize your time by doing jobs online and you will earn some decent part time money too.
    Thank You

    Shoaib Khan Jadoon

    Please, I need help regarding freelance sites. can u please contact me at shoabib_adr @ yahoo . com


    Helooo, I have a question. I am doing data entry jobs at GAF and I have completed 1 project too. the buyer has paid me but the problem is that, I haven’t got any feedback yet.
    I do have received an email from GAF in which it was written that the buyer gave me an feedback but where is it ? I can’t see it anywhere and I am waiting before I too give the buyer a rating. I just want to see what feedback did the buyer gave me.
    In order to see what rating/feedback you got, you will first have to give a rating to the buyer too. Only after both parties give each other a rating, the ratings will then be visible.

    Shoaib Khan Jadoon

    I just have a question.
    I have won a data entry project, but as you said, we should use the escrow system to be on the safer side but how can I know whether the buyer escrowed $300 or not?


    So you won a $300 project? Great, not many people win such big project. I won my first project worth $30 : )
    Anyway, always remember to ask the buyer about escrowing the funds before you actually accept the project.
    When the buyer escrow funds, First of all, you will receive an email telling you that you just got an escrow. Also, you can go to “Manage Accounts” then click on “Payment” here you will see if there is any escrow for you or not.

    One more thing, if you don’t have any ratings, then I suggest you only request the buyer if he/she can put the funds in escrow, but if he/she don’t want to use escrow, then tell the buyer that its ok and that you will work without Escrow.
    Many buyers don’t trust new people.
    Best of luck

    Evalyn Walker

    Thanks for all this valuable information.
    I have been searching for over 10 mths for valid work from home opportunities. This is my first sign of success. Once I win a bid I’ll let you know : )
    Thanks heaps


    You are most welcome : )
    If you face any problems at the above mentioned freelancing sites, then feel free to tell me about it and I will immediately help you solve that problem.


    I found this discussion very useful..thank you


    Sir, I want to ask a question. I did every thing that is written in your guide and I won a project worth $50 and I got a excellent (10 out of 10) feedback too. Then I became a gold member. $38 were left in my account.
    I requested a withdrawal of $38 because I just wanted to see how much time it takes for the money to reach my bank account through moneybookers.

    Now the problem is that GAF said that before they send me the money, they are going to do some investigation. I am very much worried about this, what is this investigation and for how long?
    I am a gold member now but I want to wait and see what is the result of this investigation before I continue to do more work at GAF, my gold membership, I think will be wasted.
    Please help..


    My first withdrawal was of $800+. I had friends working at GAF, so I knew that I will be paid. But when I found that there will be an investigation, I was so much worried because I had more than 8 hundred dollars in my account.
    Now, first of all, I want to tell you one important thing. They delay your first withdrawal only, GAF delay processing the request for no more than 15 days. After the first withdrawal, there will be no such delay in the future.

    Secondly, in this delay, GAF only checks that how you got all the money. As I said before in one of my posts, NEVER post your contact information in PM. Never work for any person outside GAF, never work without (you can do sample work) winning a project.
    For example:
    You have $100 in your account. GAF will check that how you got it. After viewing you account, if GAF finds out that you have never won a single project. So then how did you got this money?
    This is what GAF is worried about. And it is because, when you win a project, you give a small fee (if you are not a gold member) %10 to GAF. So you cant earn money without giving the fee or in case you are a gold member, then they don’t care about how much money you have and how many projects have you won as GMs do not pay this 10% fee. [Update: GMs now also have to pay a small fee]
    Finally, I was a gold member at the time of my first withdrawal. And I decided to wait for 15 days before I can continue doing more work. Surprisingly, they transferred my money via money bookers in just 3 days instead of 15.

    I suggest you don’t worry about this investigation as now you know what kind of investigation they do and you can continue to do more work.
    One last thing, they process withdrawal requests twice (Monday and Tuesday) a week. In case you want a withdrawal then make sure you request before Sunday, so that they process your request in up coming week.


    thanks for all info


    Good day sir!
    I am Sheena, an 18 year old 3rd year nursing student, from the Philippines who wants to earn money online. I am not really good in computer programming such as creating websites and the like. But I am a good encoder and researcher. I am also into journalism.
    I can be a good photojournalist at the same time. Is there any online job available for me?
    Please help me. Thank you very much!


    Copywriting include News Article writing, Press Releases etc. I think this is best work that you can do. Please search and you will find many copywriting projects where you need to write News related stuff. Copywriting work does not need any specific qualification like the programming jobs requires, so every person can do it. All you need is to write grammar error free English and that’s all.
    Also, if you are good in internet searching, then also try data entry. I prefer copywriting because they pay much better than data entry jobs.

    You just need to write articles, very simple, you will be given some kind of topic like “Cooking” and you then write for example a 500 words article (Write some general information about the topic).
    If you find a topic difficult to write then just search the internet to find some material and information about the topic and then write a Unique and Useful article but remember, never copy anything from the internet in your articles, you need to write 100% Fresh/Useful content.

    I will write more regarding how to do copywriting jobs in good detail, in another post.
    You can find work in these categories (Market Research, Data Entry, Translation, Audio Services, and Proofreading)
    Everyone can do these projects as they require no specific qualification or experience.

    You also have an advantage. There are many article writing jobs related to Health care etc and News related too, and buyers prefer to give such projects to someone who has some kind of experience in these fields which you have. So, if you see such projects, remember to mention your experience in PM to the buyers.
    I hope this will help but incase you still have any problems then feel free to write here again.
    Thank You


    hi sir,
    there is a website xxxxx
    and im interested to do the data entry… but i still not sure whether is a scam or not because i have to pay money for $49.99 before i start my job.
    i hope you can give me some advice about this… thanks so much


    I always suggest people to start work at Freelancing sites as its 100% free to do work there.
    There are scams out there. Few sites are legit too. If a site require a fee first, then I suggest you don’t do it,
    Before you give the fee, they tell you all the good things like, you will be earning thousands of dollars, but after you give the fee (in case its a scam), they never reply back and you don’t earn any money; because all they want is the fee.

    Where at freelancing sites, its free to join. I suggest you try working at freelancing sites, and try to do copywriting jobs or data entry jobs.


    Thank you so much for writing this website! I’m a mother of a 3 year old and has spent over 3 years looking for a legitimate work at home job.
    I live in Hong Kong, where telecommute is not so popular, it is very hard to make money online from home unless you have your own business.

    I have one question regarding withdrawing payment form GAF. Is it cheaper to use PayPal or moneybookers? Which payment processor is faster in transfering funds to my bank account and which one charges lower fees?


    For both, PayPal and Moneybookers, the withdrawal fee is low. If you use money bookers, u can transfer money straight into the bank account for only $3.25.
    Which means, even if you want a withdrawal of $10000, you only pay about $3.25 (freelance site may charge $0.75 to transfer money into your MB(Moneybookers) account, and then MB will charge about $2.5 to transfer it to the bank account).

    PayPal fee is about the same.
    Both payment processors are good. You can choose to use any of them. However, Paypal is like a universal payment processor that is used by many websites. Where moneybookers is not as popular as paypal.


    i am a freelancer working in GAC, GAF,scriptlance, i work in flash,
    i have good reviews in scriptlance but i only one review in GAF, i really find tough to get jobs in GAF.

    How ever i find easy to get projects in GAC then GAF but GAC rules are strict so i am really scared to work there,
    i would like to earn handsome amount of money doing free online jobs at GAF can you kindly suggest me how i should approach for to the buyers so that they show some interest , i dont get much PMs reply either.
    anythin_whatever @ yahoo . com
    Thank You


    Yes, its hard to find work at GAF, but once you learn few basic things, you then get work regularly. First of all, you have 1 review at GAF right, so dont bid with high rates, do work for lower rates.
    Secondly, in PM, write some thing like this, “Please tell me, how much you want to pay for this project happily or tell me, what minimum amount you will like to pay for the whole project no matter how much you want to pay, I will do this project for that amount and I will do an excellent work etc”
    You will get many replies.
    I suggest you consider to join Elance.

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