Provisional Listing of Wateen Shares at KSE

According to a notice issued by KSE, shares of Wateen were listed in the market starting from 8th of April.

This is a provisional listing. The notice stated that the shares may get to the ready market starting from 27th May 2010.

The opening rate was Rs. 10.

Wateen has also offered its shares for the public subscription on 20 and 21 of April. The price per share was the same.

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I was notified about this offer quite a while ago but I did not invest any money in this opportunity: why?

Well because I have been monitoring KSE for a while now and I thought that Wateen share price was a bit high. Please note that I am no expert and it is only my personal opinion based on my personal experience at KSE.

Anyway, the first thing that came in my mind is the price of the other company whose owner is the same as of Wateen. Yes I am talking about Bank Alfalah. What is the price of bank Alfalah share?

Nowadays, the price of one share of Bank Alfalah is around Rs. 11

We all know that this is one of the top Banks in Pakistan. If this bank’s share value is hovering around Rs. 11 these days then what future can we expect for the internet provider share value? [Which is a young company and possibly is not as financially strong as Alfalah is]

Anyway, let’s wait and see where Wateen share value will go: 10+ or below 10 ? : )

32 Responsesto “Provisional Listing of Wateen Shares at KSE”

  1. zahida butt says:

    on 5march 2012 wateen share rate, plz tell me

  2. zahida butt says:

    plz tell me current rate of wateen share on 5.3.2012

  3. rao salman says:

    please tell me the current rate of share of wateen on 21-09-2011 thanks

  4. arsalan says:

    plz tell me wateen shares rate?

  5. naeem k says:

    i wana know about the wateen shares .is wateen give divedant of his shareholders plz reply me iam shareholder of wateen still did not get any divedant

  6. Wasi Ibar Abbasi says:

    tell me Wateen shares rate…..

  7. muhammad amir says:


    IF ANY BODY HAVE EXTRA AMOUNT PURCHASE THIS SHARES AND SALES THIS SHARES after six months give you a very big profit

  8. waqas abbas says:

    i want to by your shares tell me process of it

    • faizan says:

      if you want to buy wateen shares you can contact me. now the current rate is Rs.10 per share but i will give u at Rs.9. contact me

  9. arsalan says:

    tell me the rate of shares

  10. ARSLAN says:


  11. Naveed Arshad says:

    Please tell me the price of Wateen Share at 25 Jan 2011.

    • Administrator says:

      On the said date, Wateen Share price was decreased by 10 paisa:

      Open rate was: 3.92

      Highest level reached was: 3.98

      Lowest was: 3.81

      And at the closing, the rate was: 3.82

  12. khurram says:

    Please let me know the share price at 15 oct 2010, also please let me know the URL link where i got the wateen share price Regards

  13. muhammad waqas says:

    sir tell me wateen share price for today and kindly tell me what is wateen share future.

  14. muhammad waqas says:

    and what future of wateen share.

  15. muhammad waqas says:

    sir wateen progress is very good but which reason wateen share price is very increase day by day and kindly tell me wateen share price for today.

  16. muhammad waqas says:

    sir kindly tell me wateen share price for today

    • Administrator says:

      For Today: 7th of September 2010, Tuesday: here are Wateen Share’s price:

      Closing rate: 4.01

      Increase: 0.04

      Previous rate: 3.97

  17. Imran Pasha says:

    Hope it will be go forward to invest more in market.
    Looking Forward.
    Thanks & Regards….
    Imran Pasha

  18. Administrator says:

    You can call Wateen Support Center and ask them if they can give you some information about this issue.

    The process of share allotment and similar other processes require some time to be completed. Off course it will be good if they can make things faster, but unfortunately, the processing speed is very slow.

    For example: my relatives live in UK: OPF has offered plot allotment scheme for people living in overseas and have Pakistani nationality.

    My relatives applied for one plot. In the beginning, someone told them that the allotment will be done within few weeks but now, almost a year has passed and they have still got no response from OPF : )

  19. Mansoor Bin Kafil says:

    Forget it.

  20. Mansoor Bin Kafil says:

    Still waiting for a response from Wateen regarding allotment of shares in the public offering of their shares on April 20-21. No intimation even after more than 2 months. Some efficiency.

  21. Junaid says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for your prompt response. I’ll be greatful if you can share your views and thoughts on Wateen shares value forecast? It was anticipated that in first year the value will be declined cause of debts but moving forwward to next fiscal year the values are expected to rise. Waiting for your feedback or please email me your thoughts.

  22. Administrator says:

    Wateen is now listed in KSE under the category: “Fixed-Line-Telecommunication”

    Currently, Wateen share value is Rs. 6.00

    I don’t know whether they have issued the shares or not: but I think this process of sending physical shares to buyers takes time.

    It may take several weeks/months before the shares are delivered to buyers.

  23. Junaid Butt says:

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks for sharing the details and your concerns. Please advise the update if Wateen is listed on KSE or not yet? It was suppose to be on the 27th May but seems not yet? And moreover, did they issued the shares to there customers or not yet?

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