WordPress Plugin: Send an Email Notification ONLY IF Someone Replies to My Comment

WordPress is the coolest CMS out there. Its free and you can find thousands of Plugins to use. But unfortunately, I wanted a Simple plugin which would give users an option to receive a notification via Email if someone replies to this person’s comment.

I have searched and searched but failed to find a plugin that can do this. The closest I got was the following plugin:

Subscribe To Comments Reloaded

But if someone chooses to receive email notification, then he will get a email every time a new comment is posted. This is not what I want.

I want to send an email notification only if someone clicks on the Reply button on Person A’s comment [assuming that this Person A has chosen to receive email notification] and then post a comment. Also, Only this one user, Person A, would get the email notification. No one else should get the email.

The plugin which I have mentioned above, it also has some other options. These options can make things a little complicated.

So I decided to solve this issue via building a Plugin but as I am not a Professional Programmer [I only know little bit about PHP, MySQL etc], therefore, I chose to make changes to the above mentioned plugin “Subscribe To Comments Reloaded”.

I was able to make this plugin Simple and made it do what I wanted.

So if you want to use a plugin which can give users the option to receive email alerts Only when someone replies to his comment, then this plugin will help.

Hopefully, you will be able to download this plugin from WordPress site, but for now, you can download from here: Send email only on Reply to My Comment

I will be updating this plugin regularly.

If you find any issue with the plugin, then please leave a Comment below…

39 Responsesto “WordPress Plugin: Send an Email Notification ONLY IF Someone Replies to My Comment”

  1. terraltech says:

    After I installed this plugin “Send Email only on Reply to My Comment” and tested to comment on one of my posts and tried to reply to it, I get nothing.
    When I click on “list all the subscriptions”, I am getting this “Sorry, no subscriptions found for @”

    Can you help me?

  2. Sunil says:

    Great post

  3. Erik says:

    Hello! I am having trouble with your plugin. The check box appears in Firefox but in Chrome, IE, and Safari, the check box simply appears as an image that can’t be checked/unchecked.

    what I need to change in order for it to work ?


  4. rasivell says:

    hi.. really really again really tnx for this grate plugin… i want that…. tnx

    but i don’t know how can i to change this massage =”Notify via Email Only if someone replies to My Comment”

    2- how can i change sent email text or customize?

  5. Gaolga says:

    Hi, I see the languages files on the plugin but I have no idea how to activate spanish language… in my WP there is the es_ES set as language but I keen seeing the plugin things in english… how can I activate Spanish?


  6. Omiwhore says:

    Hi, I just installed this plugin. The box appears just fine, but the font is white and hard to see against the white background of that part of my site. How do I change the font color to black?

    Thanks for your help!

  7. Yuga says:


    Thanks for the plugin.
    Don’t you have different languages support for it?
    I need it in russian :), which way can I add translation?


    • Administrator says:


      Currently, I am working on another project. Once its done, I will add more features in the plugin. Will surely look into language support feature.


  8. Paul says:


    Nice Plugin. Thanks!

    One question, how do I default the ‘check box’ to Checked by default instead of leaving it blank for the commenter to click subscribe?

    I am running a Q&A wordpress styled forum. Most readers ask questions in order to get answers. And sometimes, they forget to ‘check’ the box.

    Could you help?

    • Administrator says:


      In Admin Panel, click on Settings then on One Email. Click on Options tab. Here you can see the following option:

      “Checked by default”


  9. Debi says:

    Hi. I recently installed your plug-in, which I love the concept of, but it seems that my readers are not getting emails when their comments are replied to. Any suggestions?

    • Administrator says:


      Try this:
      Install WP-Mail-SMTP plugin. After activation, go in the options and choose to send emails via SMTP.

      If email function does not work, then choose to send emails via PHP function.

      Try both options…

      Thank You

      • Debi says:

        This did the trick. Thank you! This is just the comment reply plug-in I was looking for. It’s simple for the commenter, not too many opt-ins or opt-outs. Just perfect. Thank you!

  10. Federico González Brizzio says:


    Can I config an email from gmail to send using this plugin? How could I do this?

    I just found “email” into one email options. I want to set smpt, password, username.. it’s possible?

    Thank you! Federico

  11. ahmed aziz says:

    often your site is not working.

  12. Walter says:

    Doesn’t seem to be working in 3.3.1. All I get is an “Unsubscribe” link below the comment box, which then says I’m not subscribed to anything.

    • Administrator says:


      View your website in a different browser: a browser in which you are not logged in as Admin.

      Thank You

  13. Michael says:

    I hadn’t thought of that … what a clever chap you are! :-)

    Simple, obvious (now you’ve suggested it!) and worked like a charm. Many thanks for your help.

    :-) Michael :-)

    • Michael says:

      Just thought I’d come back and add – for the benefit of anyone else trying to do something and not seeing results – seems that if you make ANY changes to any of the files (offline at least) you need to delete the plugin and load the changed version on before they take effect. Which of course means that you lose any “notify me of replies” records, so need to add one again if you’re testing.

      Just so you know :-) Works like a charm once you’ve stopped fiddling with it! 😀

  14. Michael says:

    Love the plugin … thanks. Exactly the right choice for most commenters I would think.

    Minor challenge: I need to change the wording of the ‘Check Box’ to make it more specific to my site. Changed it twice in “send-email-only-on-reply-to-my-comment.php” but the original wording is still appearing on-screen. Yet according to my ‘search’ programme, the original words only exist in the ‘just in case’ copy of the file I made, nowhere else in the plugin directory. Any idea where I should look?

    (-: Michael :-)

    • Administrator says:


      “Changed it twice in “send-email-only-on-reply-to-my-comment.php” but the original wording is still appearing on-screen”

      Please try the following: Deactivate the plugin and then delete it via Admin Panel. Then upload the plugin again [with the changes made in send-email-only-on-reply-to-my-comment.php].

      Activate the plugin: You should now see the wording changed.

  15. Kita says:

    Is there a way to change the send from Admin to something else?

  16. Liam says:

    Your plugin looks excellent. Unfortunately, I’m having some trouble customizing it… I wanted to change the default text, but editing the plugin from within WordPress didn’t seem to change things. In the plugin, the text is “Notify via Email Only if someone replies to My Comment”. Is there some way to change this? I would also like to customize some other text. Thanks!

    • Administrator says:


      I am sorry for replying late. I am currently working on a very important project. Was not able to reply sooner.

      Can you edit files of the plugin? Or Can you wait for few days or may be weeks?

      If it is urgent, you can make the change in the Plugin File“send-email-only-on-reply-to-my-comment.php”: that requires editing a .php file.

      If you can wait, I will add the option to change the text in the next update.

      Thank You

  17. kelkirpi says:

    deneme amaçlı atılan bir yorumdur

    • Administrator says:


      You are trying to check how this Plugin works?


      Bu Plugin nasıl çalıştığını kontrol etmek için çalışıyorsun?

  18. kelkirpi says:

    deneme amaçlı atılan bir yorumdur..

  19. tony says:

    Thank you so much, Yasir, problems solved & bugs gone.

  20. tony says:

    Thank you for your quick reply and response, Yasir.

    I have just updated from 0.2 to 0.5 version, :)

  21. tony says:

    Installed, work well as it is expected, thanks.

    However, the user will not be able to manage the subscription in blog article itself or to unsubscribe in the web address as provided in the email notification.

    Bug code will come out. Any update for this?

    • Administrator says:


      I have updated the Plugin. Have changed few things and I think the problem you are facing, will be solved.

      Please check: if you still face any issue, do reply back.


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