What is CJ? And how can you make money online via CJ?

CJ stands for Commission Junction: it is a large website where webmasters can find lot of affiliate programs for their site. This is one of the biggest sites on the internet and lots of people are using this site to make money online via placing affiliate links in their sites.

What kind of affiliate programs can you find?

CJ has every kind of *affiliate-program [*AP].

Whether it is freelancing, shopping etc, CJ has it all : )

You will find many different kinds of APs.

Do all APs belong to CJ itself?

Actually CJ hosts APs of other websites. For example: I had joined Elance AP for quite some time: EL use to have their own system that tracked clicks and all that stuff but then later on, EL moved their AP to CJ.

Now CJ manage all the work : )

Why will sites transfer their AP to CJ?

Tracking and verifying affiliates is one tough job. Not many sites can make a system that can effectively monitor affiliate activity. It is very hard to verify referrers.

CJ, on the other hand, is one company that has been in this business for a long time. They know how things work and they have created an excellent tracking and verifying mechanism.

So instead of spending time in making a good tracking system, site owners can simply transfer their AP to CJ: they will do all the hard work : )

Hundreds of sites run their AP via CJ:

So if you are an owner of a website and you wish to make some extra money via placing few useful affiliate links in your site, then visit CJ today.

Please note that: before you join any AP, make sure that your site is providing excellent content and that the affiliate links are related to your site.

According to Google Guidelines, it is ok to have few affiliate links in your site as long as your site is providing excellent/useful content which is related to those links.

For example: if you have written some excellent guides about making money online or about doing free online jobs on the internet: then it is ok to link to few freelance sites where one can earn money via doing different kinds of jobs.

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