What to say/reply when someone says Thank You?

What should be your reply when someone says Thank You? : )

This question sounds like a very basic one: but I personally was little confused recently when I tried to reply to a person who just said thank you.

I participate in multiple forums including Google and Bing forums: If I am able to help a person and his problem is solved and if the person says thank you: I usually don’t reply after that : )

I look at the reply: think that ok, his problem is solved now: that is good to hear: so now I can close this thread: I don’t reply to the thank you message that the user post. Recently, I thought maybe I should answer any person who says thank you.

For few days, this was my reply:

No Problem : )

Then today, I was again going to write these two words again: but then I thought, is this the right thing to say? Something about these two words does not seem to be ok.

So I searched and found that these two words: No Problem: is not the best reply. People suggested avoiding the use of such reply: some said that if you are talking to a friend, then maybe this will work but otherwise, we should avoid its use.

So then what should I reply?

Actually, that depends on the situation where you are thanked.

For example: if you participate in a forum and you helped a person to solve his issue. What reply will be ok in this situation? [if the person has said thanks]

How about this reply?

I am glad I could help : )

Sound ok right?

Now let’s talk about another scenario where you are eating dinner with family members: someone asks you to pass a dish which you do: that person then say thank you: now what will you say?

The reply which I mentioned for the first scenario can be used here but some other words may fit better in such situations. How about:

You are welcome ?


You are most welcome ?

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