How to write One Million in Numbers? How many Zeros are in 1 Million?

Ok, so this may be very basic question for many people and they will wonder why anyone would even write about it: I was little confused about one million figure and the figures we use here in Pakistan: so I thought that I will write in little detail about it here.

Simply put six/6 zeros after 1 to write one million numerically:


The more easy way to understand will be to make a habit of putting a coma after every three digits [no matter what these digits are]. For example:



And now we write One Million with comas:


Now you can see that: The digit/number “1” is showing you that the figure is one Million.

Here is another figure showing 15 Million:


In Pakistan, What we call ten Lakhs, is equal to One Million.

One Responseto “How to write One Million in Numbers? How many Zeros are in 1 Million?”

  1. Ghayyur Jafri says:

    I was always confused writing millions and billions in Figures (numbers). your way of teaching is great.THANKS

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