How to Earn Money from my Writing Skills?

If you want to earn money via doing copywriting jobs, then you should first join freelance sites. You can find more info here:

Read this article if you are already doing work at freelance sites and that you want to know about more sites where you can make money from your writing skills.

One important thing to remember: you [most probably] cannot make much money via doing writing work at any site other than freelance sites. The sites which are mentioned below in this article, they can only be used to make some extra money. You cannot earn much at these sites. Consider them a secondary option:

If you want to make a good living at home via doing copywriting work then the first step is to join freelance sites then come back here to know about more sites where you can earn little extra money.

Bukisa and Helium:

Bukisa is a site where you can submit your articles and in return you will make money from the legit views of your articles. Bukisa pays for the number of Quality views that your articles produce.

The best thing about such sites is that you can submit your already written articles. This means that you can simply earn money on monthly bases: and all that you have to do is to submit your articles to these sites. [You can also write and submit new/fresh articles to these sites but people prefer to use new articles in other places, like their own site, before submitting them to these sites.]

There are some people who own a website: they first add their content in their own website and then add it to Bukisa and similar sites. I personally will suggest to avoid this as such practice can result in Duplicate Content Issues.

Helium is a good website where you can submit your articles under numerous titles. Helium pays approximately a dollar or so, for every quality article you submit. This is called upfront payment.

Other than upfront payment, you will earn little money from Helium revenue sharing. Helium shares a percentage of their revenue with writers.

The more articles you have submitted the more money you can make from their revenue sharing program.

Helium also has a market place where buyers post titles on which they need articles. Buyers describe their needs and writers have to write articles accordingly.

For each job that a buyer posts different writers can submit their articles. Buyers then choose one article among all the articles submitted. The author who won will earn money for the content he wrote for that buyer.

The money that is offered for these writing jobs in Helium market place is very attractive.

You can earn $40 or so for writing 500 words article. The only problem is that in order to earn anything for your article the buyer needs to choose you as the winning author: this can only happen if you write excellent article which is better than the others. Also, the most excellent article may not always win: it depends on what buyer is looking for. So if someone write an article with ok quality but provides the information that buyer is looking for, then he might win.

Even if I could write such excellent content I personally would not participate in the market place as there is only one winner among many. Users have to invest so much time in writing articles and in the end only one writer is awarded by money: what about the others?

Anyway, it is a secondary option. If you find this opportunity attractive then join Helium and start writing articles.

Helium shares a percentage of the revenue that is generated from your content. So if you have some articles that you have already written then why not submit them to Helium and make some extra cash?

If you like this revenue sharing feature then you can write more articles and submit at Helium to increase your revenue.

Copywriting Jobs at different Forums:

There are many places on the internet where you can get writing jobs. One of these places is different Online Forums.

There is a section in some forums where people are looking for copywriters. I do not suggest this kind of work to people as it is not safe to work for buyers at forums. There is no arbitration system and there is no escrow. But still, I have seen people doing writing jobs at forums like DigitalPoint and they actually got paid.

I personally will never do business at forums: there is no security at forums. I mentioned few places where you can get writing jobs: there are many other places and sites where such jobs are offered.

My suggestion to all is to join freelance sites and do writing jobs there. It is the best place to find copywriting work and you will be 100% secured there. Primary source of getting writing jobs are freelance sites.

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  1. Sheikh tahir says:

    Thank you for your helping

  2. Orianan Felix says:

    Please do you accept writers from Nigeria? I`m a Nigerian and I leave here, in my country Nigeria.
    Thanks as I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Orianan Felix

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